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I’m rusty – bear with me

“Write…. Writing is a muscular activity as well as an intellectual activity. You actually have to do it, and the play will come through the combination of thinking and moving a pen or fingers on a keyboard.”  Tony Kushner

Well — okay then.

I’ve been spending far too much time on Facebook and at 420 characters it helps get points across in a pithy manner but doesn’t give much in the way of “intellectual activity”

This month Nablopomos topic of the month is “saved” and today’s writing prompt is “What is your favorite movie.”  At first thought I wasn’t seeing the relationship but I can actually make this work.  Though it will take more than 420 characters.

Of course, the first order of business is trying to figure out what my “favorite” movie is.  I have maybe about 10 “favorite” movies.  Do I want a love story?  A fantasy?  An adventure?  A tragedy?  A comedy? Something familiar? Something peculiar?

NO NO NO — I’m not going to go all Sondheim on you (A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum is not in my top ten list — it is a fun movie to watch).  But I can twist the “saved” topic to relate to one of  my favorite movies.

I would have to say that this movie is, undoubtedly, one of the best movies of all time.  I can probably recite about every line from memory.  It has an unforgettable soundtrack, a “love story” of sorts, comedy, and even religion.

And, throughout the movie, you actually are reminded how to get “saved” because you are always reminded that if you are lost – you just need to try Hare Krishna.

(okay okay — like I said, I’m rusty)


“Hot” date

I don’t believe it’s only the 8th and I’m pulling this far for the “hot” topic.

Oh well, maybe things will get better.

Anyway — hmmmm perhaps I should have made this private since this is about such a “hot” date.

Crem (my best bud) and I have a standing — not so much “date” as “check in” on Friday nights.  *IF* neither of us has a previous engagement and *IF* both of us are up to going out then we’ll likely grab dinner or go hang out at a bookstore or some other such thing.

On Thursday though, I got a call from a gal pal down the street (KidNye’s mom) asking if I could sub with her Bunco group on Friday night.  If you know what Bunko is then you know, and if you don’t know it’s basically a game of luck involving dice, no skill, and (sometimes) tequila.  At least with this group.  Well, tequila or wine or some kind of spirit.  It’s a fun diversion and I’ve been lucky to get to sub with this neat group of ladies a few times.

So — since Friday is usually my night to at least touch base with Crem, I figured I’d see if there was a particular reason for me not go to play Bunco.  And Crem said “yeah whatever go have fun.”  About this time Spouse wandered home (to get ready to go out to play tennis) and I hung up the phone “Love ya, see you later, bye.”  Of course, when I say that at the end of a phone call it does narrow down who I’m talking to to about a half dozen people or so (family or close friends — I’m pretty generous with my “love yous” figuring it’s better to say too often than not enough).  So I was catching up Spouse on stuff and finally said “yeah here I am saying “love you” to another man (note — it’s not the first time, won’t be the last, and that’s not an issue around here).  Spouse is (not really) wondering if he should worry and I mention he should only worry if I go into another room and close the door before I say that.

Shortly thereafter Spouse left, and Chip comes home.  He had spent the afternoon at a friend’s house.  About 10 minutes later the friend comes over to ask if Chip can stay overnight so Chip and I dig some leftovers out of the fridge, pop them in the microwave, and Chip hops the fence to spend the night at the neighbors.

This leaves me and the Princess home to fend for ourselves, and it does not escape my notice that I have a “buy adult meal get a kid meal for $0.99” for Sweet Tomatoes.  So I tell the Princess that we’re heading out to Sweet Tomatoes.  Of course, Princess thinks that it would be great to invite her G-dMum and her family out but I knew they had other plans for the evening, and then Princess suggests we invite Uncle Crem (who I’d just gotten off the phone with 30 minutes earlier).  I call him and invite him out (and change to the precious “buy one adult meal get one free” coupon) and I do have my hot date with the “other man” except, of course, my 7 year old daughter is along for the ride.

Yeah — it’s no wonder I’m having trouble figuring out “hot” topics.  My wild night is out with a single guy and a 7 year old — after a morning of “pass the baby.”  I guess I really don’t have all that interesting of a life.

But did I mention that Crem has the body of a god???

Are you looking for me???

Today I decided to take a peek at my stats and I have a few comments/questions …

 Here are some search terms that were used to find my blog.

 Minivan lane – I’ll buy that, that makes sense

200 dogs rescued in dekalb IL – I wrote about that rescue, but why is dekalb in lower case and IL in uppercase?? 

who wanna go for a drink who wanna learn some grammar?  

But the best search term of the week

androgyny tests acts as a leader and what are you looking for exactly?

And then there’s that old famous search term

david heyman jewish harry potter

Hey all y’all stop in the comment section and say HI.

Kinsey 6

Bit of news from last week. The following from the Washington Post

WASHINGTON — Pentagon guidelines that classified homosexuality as a mental disorder now put it among a list of conditions or “circumstances” that range from bed-wetting to fear of flying.

The revision came in response to criticism this year when it was discovered that the guidelines listed homosexuality alongside mental retardation and personality disorders.

Okay — I suppose this is a way for the military to get around having homosexuals in the military, without directly calling homosexuality a “mental disorder.” (Gotta hand it to the Pentagon — in what 1973(?) or something the psychiatric association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder and it’s now 2006 — they’re only 30 years behind — really builds MY confidence in the Pentagon folks).

But I had an interesting thought. There are some calling for a reinstatement of the draft. This issue has pros and cons (and I really don’t need or want to get into a debate about it :} ). I give points to the argument that it would make our congresscritters think twice before voting to start a war. I mean it’s one thing sending “troops” in, it’s something completely different when your own kids or grandkids or nephews are in the military. (Though let’s face it — even when there was a draft there were loopholes for kids of elected officials).

But – IF the draft is reinstated, AND if homosexuality is a condition that is not conductive to military service I predict that there will be a sudden change in the numbers of those that state their homosexuality. At least between men that are 18-24.

Once again, they blew it

Once again, People magazine lists the sexiest men alive. you can check this website 


They didn’t list Spouse. They didn’t list Crem.  I didn’t see Wine Guy or Fly Guy, or   mike.karr or Mr. MLL.  Rather an incomplete list, don’t you think? 

Recently I thought about this, I happened to see someone that I’ve seen a few times, but this time I happened to see him in his element (I didn’t even know that WAS his element — heck I didn’t even know he HAD an element).

Meanwhile, it certainly called for a second look :} :}

So — if you need a topic for a blog — feel free to take this idea …….

What makes a man (or woman) sexy.

I say *ONE* thing is when a person is most comfortable in their own skin.

I’m sure there are plenty others — that’s just the one I’m thinking of today.

(OR what I was thinking a year ago when I drafted this article and then never posted it and when I was looking for something for today for NaBloPoMo ….. — at least now I know why nobody ever commented on this post — nobody saw it — but now if nobody comments it’s because it truly is drivel)