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I’m rusty – bear with me

“Write…. Writing is a muscular activity as well as an intellectual activity. You actually have to do it, and the play will come through the combination of thinking and moving a pen or fingers on a keyboard.”  Tony Kushner

Well — okay then.

I’ve been spending far too much time on Facebook and at 420 characters it helps get points across in a pithy manner but doesn’t give much in the way of “intellectual activity”

This month Nablopomos topic of the month is “saved” and today’s writing prompt is “What is your favorite movie.”  At first thought I wasn’t seeing the relationship but I can actually make this work.  Though it will take more than 420 characters.

Of course, the first order of business is trying to figure out what my “favorite” movie is.  I have maybe about 10 “favorite” movies.  Do I want a love story?  A fantasy?  An adventure?  A tragedy?  A comedy? Something familiar? Something peculiar?

NO NO NO — I’m not going to go all Sondheim on you (A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum is not in my top ten list — it is a fun movie to watch).  But I can twist the “saved” topic to relate to one of  my favorite movies.

I would have to say that this movie is, undoubtedly, one of the best movies of all time.  I can probably recite about every line from memory.  It has an unforgettable soundtrack, a “love story” of sorts, comedy, and even religion.

And, throughout the movie, you actually are reminded how to get “saved” because you are always reminded that if you are lost – you just need to try Hare Krishna.

(okay okay — like I said, I’m rusty)


How many polyesters had to die?

Some of you may have noticed that every day my tweets show up as a blog post. Alto2 asked me if I wanted to do that. (There might have been a day that I commented about illegal things and naked babies …).

This is sort of to answer her — and to ask what YOU think. One of the reasons I read blogs is to keep up with my friends’ lives. I have a couple of friends (on livejournal) that publish their tweets to their blog. I actually enjoy reading them, because I find out about minor details of their lives (like cuddling with the new puppy). (Of course, now that I actually read twitter all the time I’m up to date with them). I find tweets sort of like a pointillist painting, if you look at each post up close it doesn’t reveal much – but if you go back and look at all the tweets you might see interesting big pictures about your pals.

On the other hand, I can certainly understand that some people don’t really care to read stuff that is so mundane. 

And then there are the two fingers I have on the third hand 

  1. I can’t figure out how to put tweets in the sidebar on WordPress (anyone) and
  2. Until the end of November I’ll be certain to successfully complete Nabloplomo if I even type in one tweet per day.

So the tweets are here until Nov. 30.  After that they will be reassessed.  POSSIBLY based on the results of the following poll …

And possibly not cause everyone knows that most women do whatever they dang well please anyway.

One more question — how many polyesters do you think had to die to create the following costumes?

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Signal boost

I’ll assume that most people know that I’m a fan of animal rescue.  Just like I like to reuse (as opposed to reSUE-ing) grocery bags, I also like my animals recycled.

I understand that some people have a strong desire or a need to purchase a purebred animal.  If you need to go this route, I IMPLORE you to TO GO TO A REPUTABLE BREEDER.  VISIT the breeder — if you can NOT visit the actual breeding facility — then there is a problem and you need to go somewhere else. Check out these puppy buying tips from the Humane Society of the United States.

DO NOT BUY PUPPY MILL PUPPIES. Face it — we will in a “supply and demand” world.  If we stop the demand for puppy mill puppies the supply will end.  It’s that simple.

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Because I AM the bag lady

This gives me a post for the day for nablopomo AND it gives me an entry to a contest where I could win RESUABLE bags (cause I need more of those). Simple mom is having a reusable bag give away, and if I blog about it I’m entered to win some bags.  And after all — I’m all about saving the world — one plastic bag at a time.  (NOTE — the photo is missing the cape – I really never counted how many bags I was wearing — I think about 10 — all I know is this costume was HEAVY))


What people do say about me

To follow up on yesterday (what I want people to say about me) today I’ll talk about what people actually do say about me.

Actually — what ONE person says about me (directly – to my face) and hopefully more people say about me behind my back.

First a bit of background.  When people ask me how I’m doing I don’t lie, and I don’t say “fine.”  I may or may not go into details but I won’t lie. 

Funny thing about that is — when I ask other people how they are doing, I don’t expect an honest response I do hope for and appreciate an honest response(note1)

Honestly, I don’t know how many people get this about me.  I know my bff Crem knows that I don’t like non-informative answers, and he sometimes enjoys giving me honest — but useless — answers to questions just because it drives me crazy.  (And I love you too sweetie)

But there’s one guy at my church Josh,  we don’t run in a lot of the same circles, we’re not in the same groups or classes — we’re really have more of a “see you at the donut table” kind of a relationship (though our sons bowled together and I have brought his family a casserole or two during his spouse’s illness).  But whenver I ask him how he’s doing — he either (a) TELLS me or (b) doesn’t because he knows that I WANT to know and if he doesn’t have time (like if we’re passing at the donut table) he’ll fill me in later.  But he has said to me (when asked how he was doing) …

Ramblingmom, when you ask how I’m doing, I know you WANT to know. 

So if you’re reading this and looking for a nablopomo post — tell me what people say about you.

(Note1 it drives me absolutely batty when people say they are fine or busy.  This gives NO information whatsoever.  Fine?  Compared to what?  How you felt last week?  Someone who just lost their house in a fire?  Fine is a definition for sandpaper — not people.  and BusyBusy doing what?  Or is busy a code word for “ramblingmom I don’t have time for the likes of you?” )

What are you doing tomorrow sister???

This goes out to the womenfolk in the U.S. of A. ALL the womenfolk — the red and the blue (and the purple), or at least all the womenfolk that (a) are registered to vote and (b) have not taken advantage of early voting.

Back a hundred years ago, it was thought that womenfolk should not vote.  I don’t know why — I wasn’t there, you know we were second class citizens and certainly didn’t have the brains to make decisions that menfolk should make.

Well — thanks to a few “uppity women” we now have that right — and we’ve had it long enough that we think we can sit back and not really care cause it was “a long time ago” and who really cares if you vote or not.  Your state may already be decided (there’s other races than president).

I was listening to someone this morning talking about the country he used to live in.  You were REQUIRED to vote – but it actually didn’t make a difference.  Here, you have a choice whether or not to vote, and it actually does matter.

So you go sister.

And remember my golden rule ……

if you don’t vote — you can’t complain.

More on that action hero

Yesterday I did a meme in which we discovered that ramblingmom should be an action hero for Halloween.

That’s entertaining.  Tonight I’m going to a Halloween party (a social event for my Sunday School class) in which the theme is “Super Villians and Super Heroes”

So, I’m going as a bag lady.  Not a “bag lady” like you remember from back in the day, but a bag lady that is

SAVING THE PLANET – one plastic bag at a time.  (I even found a reusable shopping bag in Seattle with that printed on it).

So — I’ve got the shopping bag with that saying that I’m putting around my chest (with some help from elastic and such), and then I’ve got a “skirt” of reusable shopping bags, and it’s all covered up with my cloak.

I have mentioned before that I’m a friend of reusable bags and I’ve got quite a variety of them.  But the really cool thing about this costume — the cost is practically nill.  I got some elastic (reusable) and I also got a couple of special bags to add to the costume — but I”ll be reusing them anyway.

So yeah — I am crazy — it runs in my family.