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As if there’d be a question …

TV Land and Entertainment Weekly have come out with this list of the 50 Greatest TV Icons. The reason I discovered this was because today I have had 8 people come to my blog by using the search term Lassie. (8 people, one day, Lassie???) I was trying to figure out why 8 people managed to find my little blog by searching for Lassie so I did a google search on Lassie. Pages and pages of pretty much nothing related to my blog on google search — same on yahoo. I can’t figure out how to do a search of wordpress blogs.  Still don’t know what brought them here. 

So then, I did a search on “news” figuring there might be some hot topic about Lassie in the news. I knew that this book was about to be published …


Actually – it was published on Nov. 1.  But I thought maybe if today was the publication date maybe people had taken a sudden interest in Lassie.  But that wasn’t it.  But then I discovered a news news article commenting on the fact that, on the list of 50 greatest TV icons, Simon Cowell was beaten by Lassie, with Simon Cowell coming in at 47 and Lassie coming in at 46. Nobody seems to care least of all me that Simon Cowell was also beaten by 45 others, in addition to Lassie, including Kermit the Frog and Homer Simpson.  (Note — Lassie is the only “live” “non human”, Kermit is the only “stuffed” “non human” and Homer is the only cartoon character)

Now, I regularly walk around town with Fuzzybutt.  And when people (of a certain age) look at him you can see it in their eyes, they know that Timmy will be rescued from the well and life will return to happy, wholesome, and normal (albeit black and white).  Lassie brings a certain warm sense of “mom and apple pie.”

Simon Cowell, not so much

I’m just sayin’