In defense of Penny

Yeah — this will be public, many of my posts are not public but this one will go out to the universe.

A friend of mine made the following statement:

“all our ladies are far too smart to be compared to Penny”

(Mind you, it was said in jest and he did have a smiley added). He was (I assume from the conversation) referring to a gaming group he’s in.

Oh – and if you don’t know who Penny is, that means you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory (possibly the best TV show of the past decade) and you can stop reading this now because some of it won’t make any sense. (OKAY — for regular readers of my blog that won’t bother you because you already KNOW I ramble).

Now, might I also point out that this friend is a graduate of M.I.T., so let’s assume that some of his friends are (like Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and even Howard) smarter than the average bear.

And that’s fine, the world needs brilliant people like my friend to go out and do great things in the world, you know MEANINGFUL things like the folks from M.I.T. do — to see what kind of USEFUL and WORLD CHANGING things M.I.T. students do, just check this website.  I mean THIS is the kind of stuff our nation needs to solve all our current problems?? (Okay — but you GOTTA admit the Tardis takes the cake).

I’m glad that there are brilliant left-brain people in the world that do brilliant left-brain stuff.

And even the guys that aren’t Ph.D., the guys that are JUST engineers, we need them too. As my son and I were watching this movie, I explained that this clip – the guys taking care of that weren’t the Sheldons or Leonards or Rajs — but they were the HOWARDS.

But, back to Penny. I’m willing to bet that where she came from — the majority of folks didn’t go to college. I think her father even mentioned his dream for his daughter was to have her marry someone that DIDN’T live in a trailer park. But even without a formal higher education, I’m willing to bet Penny has the smarts to function in her world. I lay odds that she knows which of the restaurant customers leave a small tip, which ones leave a large time, and I bet she can wrangle the new water or waitress to take the bad tippers. And really, when was the last time the girl even had to pay for a meal?

So do you go talkin’ bout my girl — because she knows how to go on a quest. (Of course, I’m sure most guys don’t like that episode where Penny — gets Sheldon’s game stuff back from the hacker).

I’ll leave you with this. GO PENNY


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