Buy American

This is my response/comment to a post by Ragtop Day.

Like Ragtop, I am somewhat of a pragmatist.  I understand that idea of supporting my local economy, but I also understand that my own pocket only goes so deep.  I’m also married to Spouse, a/k/a skinflint, so that carries into the equation. I do find it a conundrum but I also try to keep local and global issues in mind when purchasing.

Back in the late 80s I was shopping for a new car.  During my expeditions I wandered into a Ford dealer.  After being treated like a “woman car shopper” I started to leave.  One of the salesmen made a snide comment about me going to buy a “foreign” car.  I responded “OH — so you’re saying that instead of buying a Honda made in Ohio I should get a Ford made in MEXICO.”  Which really brings to mind a lot of questions in this global economy.  Which is more “patriotic,” driving a car with the “right” label, or buying a car that provides American jobs, or buying a car that provides profits to an American corporation.   It’s an interesting question.  But seriously when it comes to buying cars my FIRST priority is RELIABILITY.  I’ve had too many cars that had mechanical issues (and have walked tooooo many frickin’ miles in the snow in the middle of the night) to ever again want to be saddled with a car that I’m not SURE of.

(Though — as a sidenote Ragtop and I both have children adopted from China so we do have an excuse to buy Chinese made products as supporting the country that our children came from and where their birth families live … hey it might work).


One response to “Buy American

  1. Well said! I almost went into that whole “American cars made overseas and Japanese cars made in America” conundrum, but decided I was wordy enough as it was. Don’t you HATE when they condescend to you at the car dealer!?! I drive my cars to the ground because I hate car shopping so much. Interestingly, I’ve only ever owned a Japanese brand car. Hmmmm?

    I feel conflicted sometimes about buying products made in China – on the one hand I do like the idea of supporting the country my children were born in. On the other hand, I know the wages and working conditions there can be what we would call horrific, and I hesitate to provide a market for that. Every choice has so many layers, it seems.

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