To sleep, perchance to dream??

As I have mentioned before, in 2006,  in 2007, and in 2008, my spouse snores.  This is NOT a new thing.  This has been bothering me for years (and even years before 2006).  Last year we went to a family reunion and had a lengthy talk with his cousin-in-law, a sleep doctor, and he still didn’t have my preferred response (which was to get his durned rear to a doctor).  FINALLY this year he had a sleep study done.  During the night of his first sleep study he had 40 apnea episodes per hour (8 is when treatment is needed), and I later discovered during that night he had no R.E.M. sleep.

NO R.E.M. sleep.

Anyway — this process is kinda longish — first he had to go to the doctor to have the study ordered, then he had to go to the study, then he had to go back to the doctor to get the results, then he had to have another study ordered, and then he has to go back and get the results again from the doctor (this will happen Thursday) and THEN he’ll get the script for the beloved CPAP machine, my new best friend.  So the end is in sight.

Meantime, he’s also under contract where he’s employed, and that contract is set to end at the end of this month.  He’s seeking a new job (in THIS market!!!) but hasn’t found anything yet.

The other night I went out for tea (as mentioned previously, I’m trying to quit coffee) with my BFF Crem.  I filled him in on the latest going ons around here including the lack of REM during the sleep study.  He also knows about the job situation.

So I’m living with someone that’s stressed (and rightfully so) about whether or not there’s going to be an income coming in, who also has some nights with *NO* REM sleep.  Crem looked at me and said “gee, he must be fun to live with these days.”


Why is is that even though I’m always right, people never listen to me???

One response to “To sleep, perchance to dream??

  1. My husband did the sleep study and now sleeps with a CPAP. It made a world of difference. However, we have found that the machine does not help sleeplessness from stress!

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