I’ve been thinking about weaning.  NO NO — not weaning a child (but it’s rather related).

When Chip was a youngun I didn’t much think about weaning.  Oh — probably when his birthday rolled around I’d think “hmm should I start weaning” and then I’d realize that we’d be heading into cold and flu season and I might as well not force things at that time (and then I wouldn’t think about it again).  Gradually (very gradually) he weaned.

So why now, however many years later am I thinking about weaning?  Well, I am currently undergoing a “weaning” process of my own.

I’ve been suffering from fatigue.  I’m pretty much always tired.  And I pretty much always self medicate with caffeine in order to overcome the fatigue.  And then, if I end up having too much caffeine or at the wrong time, then I have trouble sleeping and then the next day I’m tired and…..  well, just think of our pal Sisyphus, keeps pushing that boulder up the hill, and it NEVER gets all the way up.

As a side note, recently Spouse has undergone a sleep study (which is another blog post — YEAH two topics) and, while talking to friends my BFF Crem, he mentioned that he’s sleeping quite a bit better since he gave up caffeine.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to go for it.  I’m going to give up caffeine.

Last week, I did a 75% dose (made my coffee with 1/4 decaf) and this week I’m going half caf.  I’m REALLY tired.

So, I’m thinking about weaning.  Years (and years and years) ago I quit smoking.  Actually that took a few tries, and eventually only worked due to the gum.  At the time I’d never nursed a child, so I never related it to a child’s weaning (but that might be why I was so gradual with Chip).

It is incredibly difficult to give up something that you’re completely dependent on and today as I was thinking of how tired I am, I thought of babies.

Here you have a sweet little innocent brand new life.  They have all the essentials of life provided in one convenient (and lovely :^) ) package, the have nutrition, thirst quenching goodness, and snuggling.  It has got to be sooo hard to give that up.  But they all do eventually, some with a bit of encouraging from mom, some enthusiastically when they get into solids, and some slowly but surely.  But every single one of those children eventually moves on and moves away from breastmilk.

So I think, somehow, that I might be able to manage to brave moving away from caffeine.

I mean, I quit smoking cigarettes, and if I can do that I can do about anything.

But — keep me in your thoughts thanks :^) I’ll need it.


One response to “Weaning

  1. Oooh, I feel your pain. I used to make coffee for a living. Then I used to be at work driving an RV full of flammable items at 4:30am. Then I developed anxiety and had to say buh-bye to caffeine. It hurts. But it is possible. Decaf will will do the trick but it isn’t the same. Good luck!

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