Thank goddess it’s over

For the past 8 months I’ve been working as a “lunch lady” in a nearby school.  I can say a few good things about this.  I got INSURANCE, my supervisor was a nice guy, and the hours melded well with my children.

I can also say a number of bad things about this —  but I won’t — I’ll summarize though — working with toxic, bitchy, bossy bitches is the pits, and I hope by all means to avoid it in the future.  I have bucked up and taken the hit for the family in order to bring in the insurance, but I hope like heck I find something with more normal people before next school year starts.

Just sayin’


3 responses to “Thank goddess it’s over

  1. Sounds fun! I bet you never want to see Salisbury Steak ever again!

  2. The food was never an issue. Except the french fries but I’ve always been very particular about fries (I can think of about 2-3 places where I’ll eat the fries).

    It’s not even the Jr. High kids (who can test you — really). But just two examples (of many)

    We rotate dish day — one day Tine was doing dishes — Frigga came over and told her the water was too cold. So Tine stormed off and left everything undone.

    Another time, Red got mad at me — REALLY REALLY ticked off because while she was on break I was doing *MY* work and not doing *HER* work. (Today the same person was all in a “huff” because of stuff that I didn’t do – I said “I was doing what the boss told me to do – you got a problem take it up with him.”

    My fault actually — imagine me expecting the adults on payroll to act more mature than the Jr. High kids :^).

  3. Oh I can sympathize. I was the lunch lady for 2 years. Back breaking work. And as for the ladies I worked with…. maybe they all left our school and came to yours because they sound the same.

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