Summer Memory

Since Calvin asked for a summer memory, here you go.  And I bet it wasn’t what one might expect, but it’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw those words.

It was summer of 1996.  It may have been the hottest summer on record, it may not.  But I was very pregnant so it seemed like a tremendously hot summer to my pregnant frame.  It was also a very wet summer.   I found this at NOAA

Excessively high daily rainfall totals were observed at a few locations across the northeastern quarter of the country, including a statewide 24-hour record of nearly 17 inches at Aurora, IL (just southwest of Chicago) on July 17-18,

Ah yes — good times *NOT*.  I was about 8 month pregnant, there was an incredible amount of rainfall, there was much flooding in the area.  My split level home would not have flooded, had our 30 (or so) year old sump pump been working, but it wasn’t (working) and it did (flood).  This being during a time of record rainfalls in the area also meant that many other homes flooded (some due to the water levels, and some due to sump pump failures).

Did I mention that I was like 8 – 1/2 months pregnant?  Can you guess that I wanted to get the problems taken care of BEFORE the arrival of the firstborn.  But with everyone else flooding time was of the essence.  So, the morning after the flooding I went SHOPPING!!!  I may have mentioned before that I’m not much of a shopper, it’s not something I enjoy and it’s not something I look forward to doing.  But carpet was needed, and carpet was needed now.  There was also a sense that, if I didn’t get the carpet bought NOW, and get on the carpet installation schedule NOW, that I’d end up being scheduled for installation after everyone else in the Naperville/Aurora area got their carpet installed.  But being 8-1/2 months pregnant I didn’t WANT to wait.  I did not want furniture and other stuff spread out all over my house while I waited for carpet installation guys to come while I had a newborn.

So, the morning after the flooding, in a period of less than 3 hours, I managed to visit most of the carpet stores in my area, pick out some carpet (that was not disagreeable — but was also on clearance), and get an installation scheduled (before my due date).

I may not like shopping — but when I need something now I can be very productive.

So Calvin, there you have it.  It’s a really fun story (in retrospect).


One response to “Summer Memory

  1. You are right, that is not the story I expected! I remember when I was pregnant all of the items that I had to have NOW! It lasted a while after the babies were born too. It seemed so rational at the time!

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