What do you know — truth IS stranger than fiction

You may (or may not) have heard the story about a 12 year old Naperville boy that stole the family SUV and drove it to O’Hare airport.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this Chicago Tribune article.

So Spouse, Chip, Princess, and I were at Gmas (with SIL, BIL, Niece4 and Nephew) when Spouse mentioned the story.  And he mentioned the street the boy lived on.

But but but” says Ramblingmom. “If he lives on” …..

So we call Chip into the room.

RM: Do you know boy”

Chip: It’s not true what they are saying

RM: What are they saying?

Chip: That he drove his parent’s car to the airport

RM: Well, yeah, it is true.

I’ve since printed out some articles to show Chip.

But really, I’m glad that if everyone at the Jr. High is talking about this story (or at least all the kids that went with the boy to elementary school) that Chip does NOT automatically belive it.  I’m glad he has (somehow) learned that you don’t instantly believe whatever is said about a person.  It will make him a better person (and voter :} ) when he grows up.

(Oh and Chip also knows that he’ll be grounded FOREVER if he ever steals our car).


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