True that

I was listening to the radio this morning — good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee at the time …  Read through the story — with especial attention to the final (and decisive) statement.

George Ryan’s lawyers will ask President Barack Obama to release the former Illinois governor from prison. Ryan has served a little more than a year of his 6-and-a-half-year sentence for political corruption.

The Bush administration didn’t act on Ryan’s commutation request. Sometime this spring, a new application will be sent to the new president. Former Governor Jim Thompson is one of Ryan’s lawyers.

THOMPSON: President Obama knows Governor Ryan, worked with him in Springfield, and I think can feel more personally the loss that the governor has suffered.

In the past, Mr. Obama’s office declined to comment on Ryan’s request.

Thompson says the new application will hopefully include more letters of support for the Ryan’s release. But Thompson says it’ll make the same basic arguments, including that Ryan’s continued imprisonment doesn’t appear to have deterred other politicians from corrupt activities.



One response to “True that

  1. Since when is that a reason to release any given individual? Because he didn’t serve as a proper example to others? Methinks Thompson has a rather backwards way of looking at this….

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