Rick Warren, or how I learned to stop worrying about the big, bad evangelist.

I belong to a mainstream Protestant church.  My adult Sunday School class has a variety of lessons.  The past two weeks were “other” religions.  The week before last we talked about Yaqui.  This past week we talked about Rick Warren.

Now, if you don’t live under a rock you know a few things.  You might even know that Rick Warren is a rather conservative evangelist, and that he’s doing the invocation at the inauguration, and that quite a few liberals are unhappy with this choice Obama made.

If you look at a number of things that Rick Warren has stated that he believes (homosexuality is akin to pedophile, the Biblical creation story is the literal truth), it is kinda scary.

BUT if you look at some other things Rick Warren has stated, tackling HIV/AIDS, poverty, disease, helping the environment, I’m sure there are things that most anyone can agree with.  There are also things that most anyone can DISagree with.

During class, our leader put out a sheet of twenty items and asked everyone to state whether they agreed with each item or disagreed.  Everyone found something things (which were all stances that Pastor Warren had taken) that they could agree with.

And, while there’s certainly room for disagreement (in some cases a LOT of room for disagreement) after class, and after lunch and after dinner and after hours of having the information rolling around in my head I came to a conclusion …

If Obama spends his time in office reaching out to religious and business and political and working WITH people on goals that they can agree on, this country will be better off in 4 years.  (And if he gets reelected and this continues to happen — we’ll be a lot better off in 8 years).

So here’s to the next four years.

[an interesting exchange — one of our class members is Jewish (long story) and in Rick Warren’s view, all Jewish people are going to end up burning in h311.  But of course, moving on down the list we find that his opinion of mainline Protestants has them spending eternity with the Jewish folks — so I told Photomom “yeah you’ll be there, but we’ll all be there with you”] gee I wonder if we’ll still all get together for classes on Sundays??


3 responses to “Rick Warren, or how I learned to stop worrying about the big, bad evangelist.

  1. Huh – good info, thanks.

    Published yesterday:

    “President-elect Barack Obama, facing criticism from gay rights advocates for picking an evangelical pastor who helped overturn same-sex marriage in California to deliver the invocation at his inauguration, has chosen the openly gay Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire to offer a prayer at a pre-inauguration event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

    “Robinson and Warren are two of four Protestant clergy given prominent prayer spots during the inaugural festivities – a United Methodist civil rights leader, Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, is giving the closing benediction at the inauguration next Tuesday, and the Rev. Sharon E. Watkins, general minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is giving the sermon at the national prayer service the following day.”

  2. I’m looking forward to spending eternity in H-double hockey sticks with you and the cool chicks.

  3. Rick Warren’s approach to AIDs is abstinance only. He has been working actively with the first lady of Uganda and hass effectivly increased infection rates by at least 25% I believe. The old campaign known as ABC had 3 parts: abstinance, monogamy and condoms. condoms are now effectively banned.

    The question I guess is do you know them by their works or by their words?

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