Beyond hopeless

I’m starting to think I need to have a “footwear” category.

Any regular readers of my blog have read my ongoing (yet eventually successful) saga of finding warm waterproof boots (note to Ragtopday — well, my boots are men’s boots also).

I haven’t always been obsessed with comfortable, well fitting, easy to walk in footwear.  I used to actually think it might be useful to walk around in heels and such.  But then I realized that I was not, and never would be, a “girlie” girl.  I can’t wear heels because I’m just as likely to walk on grass as on a sidewalk.  Have you ever tried to walk on wet grass in heels.  Talk about a “sinking feeling.”  I finally figured out that NOT shoving my precious toes into pointy tips and NOT having my poor heels sink or my calves be miserably sore was a good thing.  I still recall the happy day my pal mamasara introduced me to the joys of Birks.  That was during the FIRST 1/2 of the Reagan administration (I stopped wearing heels during the Carter administration – at my wedding I wore dance shoes for the ceremony and changed to my white birks right after).

So — now we know that I’m not a big fan of “fancy dress” shoes and heels, so imagine my surprise when I found about about the existance of THESE

Yep — high heels for INFANTS??

They’re not for walking in (the heels collapse) I suppose they’re just for photos.  And they are $35 a pair.  $35 for shoes that a kid can’t even WALK in.

Where’s the sense in that??

4 responses to “Beyond hopeless

  1. Well, as you know, I am a big fan of heels. I wear them almost every day, and I like the way they look. For me. You know, a grown woman. These are absolutely ridiculous. I saw a segment on them somewhere, but I can’t remember where. I’m not sure who would think they were a good idea. Oh, wait. It’s the same person who thinks that huge flower headband thing is a good idea. 🙂

  2. There are no proper words to describe that picture.

  3. Some people just can’t find enough ways to spend money on their children. That’s thought #1. And oversexualization of little girls. That’s thought #2. And with that, I run out of anything to say, because the whole thing is just ridiculous.

  4. A baby at church was wearing something much cuter Sunday; tights with little Mary Janes painted on the feet.

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