Goldiemom and the three boots

I’ve had trouble finding winter boots. I’ve actually commented about this in three (1) different (2) posts (3). So I’ve obviously been concerned about this.

Recently I purchased a pair of boots from L. L. Bean.  They were too small.  Then I bought another pair (of a different style — because they didn’t have the style I originally bought in the next size up), but those were too LARGE (like falling off my feet large).  I finally called back and talked to yet another L. L. Bean rep, and we found a pair of boots the same style as the second (too large) pair I had ordered in a smaller size (incenditally the size of the first boots — that were too small — but a different style).  They arrived today.

And today, I shovelled 1/2 the driveway.

They fit well, the are not uncomfortable (I have a foot injury and right about now, “not uncomfortable” is pretty stellar), and they are WATERPROOF.  Not water RESISTANT but waterproof.  I shovelled 1/2 my driveway (we have a longish two car width driveway) and my feet didn’t get wet.  And I can walk in the things — they don’t have like 2 inch heels.

I feel a bit like Mumble

Sure – they are not my fuzzy Crocs, but I can’t walk around in 6 inches of snow in my fuzzy Crocs.


One response to “Goldiemom and the three boots

  1. Love the title of this post, and I’m so glad you found some boots that work! I’ll be heading out later to tackle our snowy driveway in my LL Bean snow sneakers that I bought at our nearby outlet store (it’s so great having an actual store to visit!) that are actually mens, and a little big, but I love them.

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