Hoping for a really nice library

This morning I was listening to a bit on news radio comparing current times (the economy and being on the brink of a new administration) to FDR and 1933 and the New Deal and what not.  And how back in 1933 when FDR first took office there (at least in retrospect) seemed to be a consensus that the New Deal was what we needed.  And of course right now not everyone is totally behind plans that Obama has made.

The end of the story had what I consider a pretty great quote …

“leaders who fix problems become giants, leaders who prevent problems just get a really nice library”

And I suppose we consider FDR a hero because he (and others) really pulled this country back together.

The thing is — if things don’t get “that bad” (and I hope they don’t) and plans and policies of Obama (and others) prevent us from getting that bad Obama will likely not be considered as great a president as FDR because he wouldn’t have done as much.

Me, I’m thinking you know Presidential Libraries are all that.  And I’m hoping Obama gets a really nice library.

And while part of that is that I don’t want things to get much worse, there’s a part of me that realizes that there is a pretty good chance that the future Barack Obama Presidential Library will be located in Illinois.

And *DANG* Illinois politics is a FUN spectator sport.  And I just can’t WAIT until all the in fighting and such when it comes to BUILDING said library (where it’s going and how it’s going to be set up and such).  YEP — that’ll be a really good show.


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