But I can hear it in your voice

I’ve recently started a job.  This job is not intellectually stimulating (watching soap operas is more stimulating I think), and it doesn’t pay a whole heck of a lot.  There are a few main reasons I took the job.

  1. Health Insurance benefits
  2. My work schedule meshes almost perfectly with my children’s school schedule
  3. Health insurance benefits
  4. There is a bit of monetary remuneration, and last (but not least)
  5. Health insurance benefits.

(Did I mention the insurance benefits).  Currently Spouse is working as a contractor, so he doesn’t get benefits, we have to pay through the nose out of pocket.   For some reason, we can’t cancel our insurance until we have proof of insurance in our hot little hands.  Since we’re currently paying a king’s ransom a chunk of change for benefits, we want to cancel that in a timely manner.   (You can skip the next paragraph if you wish) …

My insurance was scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1.  So I was expecting to see insurance cards and such sometime around Jan. 1.  We didn’t get them before Jan. 1, so I called on Jan. 2.  I was told everything was mailed out Dec. 22 and I should be receiving things shortly.  So Monday I called again (figuring two weeks is long enough to receive something — even with extra holiday packages and holiday hours).  I was given the same “Dec. 22” quote.  I tried to explain that I needed the cards.  I was told to call the PPO.  I tried calling the PPO but was told (by the auto recording) that I needed an identification number.  So I called the benefits division of the company (it’s a LARGE company) and again talked to someone — again was told to call the insurance company and click in as uninsured (since I didn’t have my ID number).

SOOOOOOOOOO after all that run around I was talking to someone from the insurance company and discovered that — my employer HAD NEVER SENT THE INFORMATION IN.  And I don’t mean they never sent MY information in, they never sent the information in for ANYONE that started working for them in the last quarter of last year (which, given the nature of the work is a rather large number of people).

I could hear this poor guy from the insurer trying to tell me this in a polite and business like manner — and I could hear in the back of his voice him trying to NOT make comments about a bunch of idiots.

Sure it’s a large employer — and sure they have a lot of new hires every year — and sure it’s enrollment time and people change things around.  This is why temp agencies were invented.

(Note — I was very polite to the nice man on the phone — but I still want to know why I had to the enrollment folks THREE times and the insurance provider TWO times when they could have told me the first time that they had flicked up messed up and saved me a whole lot of run around. )


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