Secret Keeper

Change in status around here.  Chip is 12 and in Jr. High.  I figure by now, whether or not he’s said anything, he “knows” that there isn’t really a Santa.  At least not in the sense of the guy that goes house to house on Christmas Eve.  And I also kind of figure that if he *does* still think there’s a Santa — well while at the young end of the spectrum you wouldn’t want your kid to be the first one to “out” the Santa myth, on the upper end you don’t want your kid to be the LAST kid that still thinks there’s a Santa. 

So Christmas Eve Eve (on the 23rd) we had a chat. 

MOM: How do you think Santa makes it to all those houses on Christmas Eve.

CHIP: doesn’t say anything but give a “look” (which you know if you have a Jr. High kid).

MOM: he has a lot of help.  Do you want to be a helper. 

So — tonight he helped.  He helped wrap the “regular” gifts, he helped wrap the “Santa” gifts.  He knows where Santa “hides” the “Santa” wrapping paper (and is amazed he’s never found it all these years). 

I explained to him that he shouldn’t let anyone else in on the secret (now that he’s a secret keeper).  Especially not his sister. 

NO WAY — how would we get her to be good. 

Smart boy that :^).


2 responses to “Secret Keeper

  1. Yeah, we had The Talk this year too. Because mine was still in full believer mode and I just did NOT want him telling his 7th grade friends that Santa brought him a new bat for Christmas! Didn’t think that would go over well socially. Another mom gave me the idea to tell him that at a certain age, Santa has to sort of ‘tag’ the parents to take over because as more kids are born it gets to be too much, even for Santa’s time stopping magic..and hey, that seemed to work!! He still insisted on me reading The Grinch and The Night Before Christmas to him. And I didn’t put his gifts out until he was in bed.

  2. Good idea! I’ll have to remember that one.

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