So there’s a problem here

Yesterday I ordered some new boots from L.L. Bean (hopefully they’ll fit). I have WEIRD sized feet and what fits me best is a particular size that falls right between boy’s and men’s that many places just don’t carry.

So today I get an email from L.L. Bean that the boots have been shipped and I can click to track my order. And I track my order and see that the boots were shipped on Dec. 20, and delivered on APRIL 18!!! That’s April 18 2008. They were delivered 8 months before they were shipped.  So either

  1. I had the boots last spring and they’re coming in really handy now in the snow and slush.
  2. There’s a problem with the space time continuum
  3. There’s a glitch in the order tracking system at L.L. Bean.

I think #3 is most likely – but also most boring.

One response to “So there’s a problem here

  1. jenniferlarsonwrites

    I vote for the discrepancy in the space-time continuum.

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