In case you were wondering

In case you’re out shopping — brick and mortar — or Internet, and you’re thinking GEE I’d like to send my buddy Ramblingmom something (cause who doesn’t want me to have a happy) here’s my list.

And I mean like seriously — the convertible doesn’t even have to be light blue. I’ll take red or green or black or white. I’m not that fussy.

(Okay — let’s face the truth — those that know Ramblingmom know a few things …

  1. Ramblingmom would never ever consider wearing an animal
  2. Ramblingmom doesn’t wear much jewelry
  3. Ramblingmom couldn’t afford the taxes on HALF that stuff on Eartha Kitt’s list.

So seriously — if you WANT to do something for Ramblingmom – give some money to your local animal shelter or Heifer Project or Half the Sky.  Or you can send me a gift certificate for TRADER JOE’S!!!  I’m darn near out of milk. 

Otherwise, if you can find a good old fashioned cobbler to make me custom made *comfortable* *waterproof* *warm* boots …


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