you got some ‘splaining to do

I live in a place with snow.  REAL snow.  It falls all over (not just on the grass).  Sure some people shovel their sidewalks but not everyone.  And the streets tend to get filled with slush.  Dirty nasty WET slush. 

These are cute.  They are warm.  They are comfortable.  They are even water resistant.  You know what that means?  That means they are not water PROOF.  That means if you wear them and walk in the slush you have cold, wet feet. 

I suppose these will keep your legs somewhat protected from wind.  And they certainly come in a variety of colors.  But just TRY walking on an icy sidewalk with these.  I dare you. 

These seem to be having some kind of identity crisis.  A boot?  A tennis shoe?  Seems to me they won’t suffice as either. 

Yeah — those don’t seem to have an identity crisis at all.  But they never make it out of the bedroom. 

But I seem to be having trouble finding boots that FIT (why do they not make boots in wide widths I ask) that can actually be WORN in WINTER in CHICAGO!!  I’m not the only woman in the midwest?  What’s everyone else doing?  Hibernating?  Now I know why all the guys are out shoveling, cause the women folk can’t find boots.  Maybe it’s all a plot by the snow plow guys?  Who knows. 

If you’re a certain age you remember these

As snow boots they were never very useful.  But if you ever needed to do a sing along …

(Call it a hunch — I don’t think Nancy was walking around in a Nor’easter in THAT outfit)



One response to “you got some ‘splaining to do

  1. Oooh, I like those hot pink ones!

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