Letters I’d like to write

Following in the footsteap of Alto2, I’ve decided to show you some letters I’d like to write.


Dear Department of Transportation,

Four words.  Television, Cable, Weather Channel. 


A driver!!


Dear Women’s boot designers;

If you’re going to design footwear that’s meant for winter. YOU put the damn things on and try to walk on the snow.

Thanks for your consider

A person that does not want to be a concussion patient, or an orthopedic patient 


Dear Trader Joe’s

Whoever writes up your training program is seriously underpaid.  EVERYTJs I go into, EVERY time, EVERY employee is polite, considerate, and helpful.  Please expand your training program to all grocery and then all retail establishments.  And then could you do something about the folks on the helplines?  Just saying.

Yummily yours


Dear Mother Nature

I would so NOT complain if tomorrow were a snow day.

Sammy Cahn and Jule Style


Dear Santa,

I know it must get lonely there up at the North Pole and all.  I was thinking you might like some company.  If so, you can call this guy named Blago that lives in Illinois.  If you take him to live with you, you could consider it a gift to the entire state of Illinois.  If you don’t want him to come live with you (and who could blame you) if you make him go away somewhere we’d be happy.  



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