Well, I suppose it’s your money but …..

Did you know that Suze Orman has a TV show?  I didn’t until Spouse was watching it yesterday.  Viewers can ask if they can afford something, and Suze either approves or disapproves the expense. 

So yesterday a viewer was wonderng whether or not he could afford $100,000 (that’s a one with 5 zeros) to have his dog cloned. 

Those 5 zeros are before the decimal place. 

Now, I don’t know about where you live, but where I live $100,000 is like real money.  But the question to Suze Orman was not whether it was a logical or sensible expense, but whether they could AFFORD it, and she said they could. 

I have had pets die.  I know how heartbreaking it is, I really do.  I understand how easy it is to get attached to a pet.  But let’s look at this a bit.

First, even if you have a dog cloned, every animal will have different experiences, and those experiences will have an effect on the dog’s personality.  So even though the DNA might be exact, the personality might not be (look at sets of identical twins).  So really, you’re not going to get THE SAME dog. 

Second, I’m certain that if I called up an animal rescue organization and said “here’s $100,000 what can you do with it” they could save the lives of A LOT of dogs.  I don’t know how many, and I’m sure different organizations would have different ways of spending the money, but I’m sure it would help A LOT of dogs.  I’m sure that I could call up 10 organizations and offer each $10,000 (a fraction of the $100,000) and they’d be tickled pink. 

Third, I’ve had many dogs in my life, and I’ve met many others along the way.  I’ve loved them all.  They were all UNIQUE and wonderful animals.  There was Taffy, the owner of my childhood home, and Prince, the stalwart protector of the family, and Penny, the charmer.  I’ve also known Josh, the perfect “lay in front of the fireplace” dog (that was a duplicate of Tramp, of My Three Sons fame) and Simon (who chewed many a shoe in his day).  Now I’ve got my Fuzzybutt who looks like Lassie and is (I think) the BEST DOG EVER.  But if I had taken any of those dogs and said “I want an exact duplicate of this dog” I’d miss out on meeting other dogs.  If I’d have duplicated Prince (even though the technology was not available then) there’d never have been a Penny, or a Fuzzybutt. 

I guess money can buy a lot of stuff.  Maybe even happiness.  But I think some folks might be better off shopping for a bit of common sense.  Maybe I’ll sell some on Ebay — think I’ll make more than $100,000??


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