Quite possibly the final review of the G1phone

Back in the old days — around October — Google came out with the latest and greatest cell phone.  There were many reviews written at that time, and I’m sure an Internet search will reveal many useful, informative, well thought out reviews of the phone. 

This is not one of them. 

This is my own personal review cause I’m the mom and I said so. 

Back in September I started a new job.  This gave me six hours a day without Internet access.  The world did not come crashing to a halt, and I somehow managed to survive.  But, one day my husband and I were in the car and he mentioned that Google was coming out with a new cell phone (somehow I missed this news – you know having to go 6 hours a day without Internet access and all.)  He talked about many of the cool features this phone would have including Internet access and such.  I told him that we’ve managed to live without all this for a long time and the world is still spinning.  We do not need it.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that I WANTed it.  Now, we’re not usually the ones that hop on the bandwagon with new high tech stuff.  We don’t own a Tivo (we have one working VCR), we don’t have a Plasma screen TV, we haven’t had high tech phones before this – we obviously were not doing our part to bring the downturn of the economy by overspending on high tech gear. 

But the more I heard about this phone and the more I read about this phone the more I WANTEDthis phone.  So I did what I often do when I’m thinking about stuff, I talked it out with my best buddy, Crem.  He mentioned that I probably didn’t want to go out and buy the first generation of a new technology.  I didn’t listen to him (a truly best friend understands that sometimes you toss ideas around off them, and then completely ignore their advice, best friends are cool that way).  Actually I had it all planned out, and I’d get the new phone when it came out (I even had it budgeted, and figured I’d use the money I earned working the election), and then when I got tired of the NEW phone, and the next generation came out, I’d give Spouse the G1 phone as a hand-me-down and I’d get the new phone. 

So, October 17 came and (since I was working) I sent out Spouse to get the phone. 

Mine is bronze.  HIS is black (seems he didn’t get the memo that he’d need to wait and get mine as a hand-me-down).

And these are some of the things that have happened since then.

Early November — Husband was hospitalized with pneumonia.  He’s mostly recovered but for a few days my life was a hectic haze of running between the hospital, work, and home with hardly a moment to myself.  But, I did bring my phone charger to Spouse’s hospital room, and was able to easily keep family and friends apprised of his health.  

(Text message sent during this period I am not so sure how brilliant the current path home -> hospital -> middle school -> hospital -> home to school age kids -> hospital -> not enough sleep is. Remind me to take Airborne)

So, the phone I didn’t need came in awfully handy then.

At another time (and you’ll see how this is really important for universal order) we were doing a trivia thing at work and the song Candy Man came up.  I was able to go directly to You Tube to play the song.  Isn’t THAT important?? 

And then, earlier this week, there was a situation at a high school in the district I work in, NOW, of course, we know that everything is okay but at the time there was only rumor and spotty information.  Two students had brought in a bb gun (or air pistol) to school but the gun looked and sounded VERY realistic. Another student saw it and reported it (thinking it was a real gun), so the school was placed under lockdown while police and swat teams searched the school.  Two of my coworkers have kids that attend that school, and everyone at work knows someone there in some way or other.  So I kept my phone “tuned in” to the school website and, when the all clear came, I was able to inform my coworkers that everything was OVER and that their children were SAFE.  Mind you this was only a matter of like 15-30 minutes before they got word through other sources, but when it comes to our babies we want to know RIGHT NOW!!!

This tells me a few things. 

  1. My gphone is very useful and wonderful
  2. There are great students at that school that are willing to report suspicious activity and
  3. while this is supposedly a fabulous high school in a wonderful district yada yada, either the school is severely lacking in teaching common sense or the students cut class that day.  Note to all high schools.  DO NOT BRING ANYTHING THIS IS OR MAY BE CONSTRUED TO BE, A GUN TO SCHOOL!!! 

One response to “Quite possibly the final review of the G1phone

  1. Glad you like your G1, just unfortunate the battery life is so limiting.

    I am also surprised you didn’t wait until November to get the WHITE one which is more popular with women.

    ,Michael Martin

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