I suppose I must

I suppose I must comment on happenings in my home state today.  I’ve often said that I find Illinois politics an entertaining spectator sport, and today was a happening day in that sport. 

If you’re not living under a rock, you know that today the Governor of Illinois was arrested.  When I heard this I was not shocked, I was not dismayed, I was not angered, actually when I first heard it (one of my coworkers told me) I actually started giggling.  I don’t suppose that’s an appropriate reaction from a voter and a taxpayer, but I just found it terribly amusing.  (Okay so a recent poll shows him with an approval rating of 13%.  Really I don’t think there are too many people in Illinois feeling unhappy about his misfortunes). 

Now, I know that other reports will discuss the particulars of this investigation and arrest.  (How much does a senate seat go for anyway?) so I won’t bother to go there.  But I do want to point out that I think that Rod Blagojevich has actually managed to KEEP a campaign promise??  Howsthat ramblingmom? you say.  Well, back when Rod was campaigning he said that he would be a candidate for REFORM.  That he’d do things DIFFERENT in Springfield.  And BY GUM HE HAS I say. 

Of our last 7 Governors, *FOUR* of them have been jailed for receiving bribes.  But, until today, EVERY ONE OF THEM has been arrested *AFTER* finishing his term as Governor.  NOT our current gov Rod.  NOPE — he managed to get himself arrested while he was still *IN OFFICE*.  He is not wasting his time, and he’s taking corruption to a new high!!! 

GO ROD!!  Be a trend setter and be arrested 10 years before anyone else. 

My niece sent the following tweet today. 

to be the most corrupt politician in Illinois history takes some serious determination.

And while Rod is one of the most corrupt politicians in Illinois history I don’t think that he is the most corrupt politician in Illinois history.  I do believe that we’ll never know who that was, because that would have been a smarter person who covered his (or possibly her) tracks. 

And while we’re talking about “covering tracks” let’s not forgot former Illinois Secretary of State Paul Powell.  After his death in 1970, some money was found.  Okay it was $800,000 in CA$H in shoeboxes in his hotel room. 

“There’s only one thing worse than a defeated politician, and that’s a broke one.”
Paul Powell

2 responses to “I suppose I must

  1. Mike says that unlike IL, in Kansas they just put all the corruption out on the table and it isn’t a secret. Want to buy the DMV? No problem but it will cost ya. At least the style in IL is entertaining!
    Can’t wait to talk to my 81 year-old Grandma, she had some choice things to say about Blagojevich at Thanksgiving. If only Grandma had a blog…

  2. Hey – I understood what you meant! Cracked me up. You definitely do have something funny in the water at the governors mansion out there. Heck, in all of the govt offices really! The San Diego mayors office had the same problems until just recently and the city council is still reeling from it’s own kick-back scandal. So really, it isn’t just Illinois…though I think they may set the standards ;->

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