12 gift meme

Write what you think are 12 great gifts (or 8 great gifts — we could say this is for the Jewish contingent, or just admit that it’s for those that can’t think of 12 things).  This could be what you think are 12 great gifts for you, 12 great gifts for your ancestors or offspring or siblings.  This originally started as a tongue in cheek wondering of What Would Jesus Buy (if he were here today) (assuming he wouldn’t be spending denari on giant inflatable penguins) so think of gifts that reflect your priorities and/or values, or the priorities and/or values of the people receiving the gifts. 

  1. BOOKS – a book is a gift you can open again and again.
  2. CA$H – one size fits all.
  3. GIFT CARDS – they fit in any wallet – but keep the reciepient in mind, and also keep in mind the current economic climate – no gift cards for Linens and Things.
  4. GLOVES – okay, that was a hint, around here gloves are like socks – you can always find one of a pair, but never two of a pair.
  5. CHOCOLATE – if I’m on your gift list you can take that as another hint. But think about it – it’s supposed to have a number of different health benefits, and while broccoli also has a number of health benefits I assure you you’ll be thought of as a better gift giver if you show up with a box of chocolate than if you show up with a batch of broccoli.
  6. TIME – is a fabulous gift to give to people you love.  An outing to a movie or for dinner or tea or a fondue plate at the chocolatiers shows a person that you value their company.
  7. GIFTS THAT KEEP GIVING – one charity I love is Heifer International.  In a nutshell an animal or animals are given to a family to help the family become more self reliant, and part of the deal is that the gift needs to be “passed along” (so giving a baby to another family).  And while Heifer does not have any partridges (or pear trees) in the catalog, they do have cows (for the maids to milk), geese (a’ layin), and some other birds that make noise, and while you can’t get a pear tree you can purchase a tree. 
  8. GIFTS IN SOMEONE’S NAME – many people have their favorite charities, so many a donation to someone’s favorite charity for them.  If you don’t know what their favorite charity is, you can take a wild guess.  If they’ve recently adopted an animal you can go with the shelter or rescue, or if they’ve lost a love one to cancer or Aids … you get the idea.
  9. TALENTS – can you knit, crochet, cook?  Make something for someone. 
  10. NO TALENTS – really it doesn’t take much to get some premade cookie dough and bake cookies.  You can also find recipes for hot chocolate mix or spiced tea. 
  11. TREES – by buying a card for $5.95 from the Arbor Day Foundation they will plan a tree in the name of your recipient.  And they don’t even have to water it.   
  12. PICTURES – At least for grandparents — they never seem to have enough pictures of their grandkids.  I also suggest cute things like those little digital photo keychains so they can take their grandkids and show their friends. 

I tag 12 people Ragtop Day, Doc Thelma, Heidi Lou, Squib, Alto2, MLL, Mimi, Sock Girl, One Feather Tail, LSM, Tpgoddess, and Terann

And if you think I’m just sluffing off my shopping list to my blogging buddies I have just two words to say ….



6 responses to “12 gift meme

  1. Answered the tag! Great idea!

  2. Answered the tag. I wrote out mine before I read yours and, not surprisingly, we have quite a few the same. :->

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