I said so I said so I said so

 The other day Spouse and I were out and I was driving the minivan.  There was a light snow and the roads were wet but not frozen over.  At one stoplight I hit the brakes (and stopped before contacting the car in front of me) cheeky-smiley-028 and I told Spouse that the brakes needed to be looked at.  He said that they did not need to be looked at – and it was just the antilock brakes.  (Note – Spouse is a remarkable skinflint and hates to spend money). 

So – today the car is at the dealer having some work done.  They called him (I had Spouse take it in because if they tell me that the van needs something, and I call him he said “it doesn’t need it” but if they call him and say it needs something he agrees with the service folks) and said that the car needs to stay for a few more hours.  Guess what needs work??   


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