A marriage by any other name

I started this post a couple of weeks ago — about the same time my niece went to the Prop 8 nationwide protest.  I figured I’d post it sometime during Nablopomo, and now here we are at the end, and I find myself lookingfor something to fill in Nov. 30. 

I know I’ve mentioned before that I have no issues with gay marriage, and I do have issues with churches crossing the line on “separation of church and state.” The other day my pal posted this video of Keith Olbermann talking about Prop 8. And I have to agree with him on many of his points. I, too, would be hard pressed to find any close family or friends that are in the GLBT community.

I am truly at a loss to see how same sex marriage hurts my marriage. I mean if you look at the Bible, and you look at Genesis, G-d told Adam and Eve to go out and have babies (and if you continue looking in the Bible you’ll find a lot of polygamy and incest and adultery and other things that we generally don’t agree with now). AND — if you think about it using that text and that traditional story — it MADE sense. There were no people so if G-d had wanted the land to be filled with people — men and women had to have male/female intercourse (now we can get by with turkey basters :} – not as much fun but effective nonetheless).

GUESS WHAT folks, if you look at the current population, humans are NOT an endangered species (an endangering species maybe — but not endangered).

So I’ve decided what I’m going to do — if anyone ever says that gay or lesbian takes away from “traditional” marriage or hurts marriage or something, I’ll look them straight in the eye and say …

Spouse and I are good — I don’t see how allowing gays to marry would hurt MY marriage. How would it hurt YOUR marriage??

Of course, two weeks have past since I started this post as a draft and I’ve had a bit of time to think about it. And today as I was getting out of the shower I finally got it. I realized that gay marriage could possibly directly hurt my marriage??? How you may ask??? Well, if my pal MrMusic (arguably the best hugger in my entire church family) got married to his partner M (not likely to happen anytime soon in Illinois), I’m sure that Spouse and I would argue about how much to spend on a wedding present for them.

And, after two weeks, that’s ALL I got honey.  I can see that destroying the American Family and the fabric of world society.


3 responses to “A marriage by any other name

  1. Hear hear!
    I have a co-worker who married his partner in a state that recognizes gay marriage, and now they feel like they can’t move out of state because there are only a small number of states that will recognize their marriage.

  2. Almost 3 weeks after the election and at the end of the birthday party I went to last night I was drawn into a flipping debate about Prop8. Sigh…it’s amazing the justifications people will come up with to deny equality.

  3. Good post. My marriage is threatened not one bit by anyone else’s marriage. Nor is my existence as a straight person threatened by the existence of anyone who is not so straight.

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