The holiday shopping season is upon us once again, actually I noticed Christmas display while shopping for Halloween costumes (there’s something just basically WRONG with that).

Anyway — it’s also the time of year when certain groups of people bitterly complain about folks saying things like “Happy Holidays” instead of the more (quote)correct(quote) Merry Christmas because … well … you know the because I don’t really need to go there ’cause you’ve heard it all before.

I was reading my friend, Doc Thelma’s, private blog (which I won’t point out here — but I will pull an excerpt)

I’m reasonably confident Jesus would prefer people not invoke His Name for the sake of selling giant inflatable penguins. Remember what He did to the money changers before you complain about it.

Most of these complaints come from the conservative so-called Christians, but I got to thinking, “srsly, WWJB” (What Would Jesus Buy).  If I’m going out Christmas shopping (because my family does celebrate Christmas instead of any of the other seasonal holidays) and if I want to follow in the example of Christ, What Would Jesus Buy.  This Jesus fellow is that same one that was all about helping widows and orphans.  I do not think it does Jesus honour to have a giant inflatable penguin in front of my house. 

(Not to mention — if I keep WWJB in mind while I’m Christmas shopping do you have any IDEA how much money that will SAVE me??)

So — what follows is an audio version of the things that are NOT on Jesus’ Christmas shopping list. 


2 responses to “WWJB

  1. I’m honored by the quotation!

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