I don’t know if this will work

My daughter (7) has a lot of issues with self control.  If she gets an idea in her head, she just goes for it without thinking of the consequences.  Two recent examples. 

  1. Last week I got a call from her teacher.  She decided that she wanted to buy a book from the scholastic order form.  So she took some cash to school.  She took $60 from her brother’s room. 
  2. Today she got out the water paints.  I said don’t paint.  I came back in the kitchen to find her painting.  I said put it away, and when I came back I found that her painting had been finished. 

So today I was at Trader Joe’s (of all places, the day before a food holiday) and found the following

Yep – a chocolate Advent calendar.  24 days of chocolate, one piece at a time. 

Let me stress that last part.  ONE PIECE AT A TIME.  I got one for each of the kids, and there is a promise that they will each get a special prize at Christmas IF (and only if) they manage to use the Advent calendar properly (meaning not eating any candy in advance.  If they want to SKIP a day and have TWO pieces of candy in one day — that’s fine as long as it’s “savings” and not “credit”).  (And as they cost $0.99 each it’s really not much of an expense)

Which leaves two questions

  1. Will Princess succeed and get the grand prize on December 25
  2. What will the grand prize on Dec. 25 be? 

And then there’s question #3 — which can never be answered — would wall street (and Washington) look a heck of a lot different today if more parents struggled with how to teach their children delayed gratification??


2 responses to “I don’t know if this will work

  1. #3 – YES!

    Gorgeous calendar.

  2. I think you’ve hit on exactly the right motivation for your girl. You may up the ante and state unless the advent calendar is completed properly, there will be NO Christmas gifts.

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