A few things I need to know I learned in Middle School

I’m currently employed in a middle school cafeteria.  The pay ain’t much but the hours almost perfectly mesh with my children’s schedules (it’s in another school district — I think there’s like three days during the year when there’s a conflict, and they “get out” of school a week before me) and the benefits are great.  But there are a couple of things I’ve learned … here are a few rules to live by.

When in doubt, do the dishes.

Sometimes I get caught up with my stuff, or I’m just temporarily unsure of what to do. I’ve always found that stopping and washing the dishes is a good thing to do. It gets something done, and it gives me a minute to collect my thoughts. I actually thought that this would be a good idea in general. If you’re at a friend’s house (for Thanksgiving perhaps) and you don’t know what to do, I assure you that there will be a few dishes needing attention in the kitchen. It might even be appreciated.

The great American Melting Pot is really great

Today one of the people that used to work at the school stopped by.  Sweet old black lady that goes by the name of Grandma.  She brought all of her former coworkers treats for the holidays.  She didn’t bring me anything, as she never worked with me, but some of my coworkers shared.  I had the BEST SWEET POTATO PIE EVER.  Not kidding.  I’ve had sweet potato pie before and never really like it, but this was AWESOME.  She also made some cornbread which we had for lunch with some cheese and japaleno quesidallias which were fabulous with the avocado salsa that my Mexican boss had made.  (And last week the Greek lady brought in these cookies called melomakarona OMG)

NOW, generally I think that race or ethnic background shouldn’t make a difference in a lot of areas (intelligence or capabilities or …) I’m willing to go out on a limb and bet that it’s would be REALLY hard to find a white chick that can make a better sweet potato pie than the one I had today … I’m just saying)


One response to “A few things I need to know I learned in Middle School

  1. When I lived in Berkeley family student housing, there would occasionally be all-complex potlucks. With 2/3’s of the residents being international students… well, let’s say that gave new meaning to melting pot. Even with the dishes prepared on grad student budgets…

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