my mother was a tailor she sewed my new blue jeans

I’m not the dullest knift in the drawer, my elevator goes to the top floor, there’s enough sandwiches in my picnic basket, and I am playing with a full deck.  I’m of at least average intelligence, and I think possibly above average intelligence (I leave that to my readers to decide).

The problem (for me) is that I have surrounded myself with really brilliant people.  They’re cutting with chefs knives, the glass elevator not only goes to the top floor but to the penthouse, and folks are playing with not one, but two decks.  (A good percentage of my holiday card list can be addressed to Dr. — or even Dr. and Dr.)

My adult Sunday School class is a group effort.  We typically have topics that range from 1-6 weeks on a wide variety of topics.  These topics are usually whatever we determine interests us when we plan for the year (and whatever people are willing to teach).  I “volunteered” (meaning I was at class the day we were doing the planning) to do a movie study, and I happened across a fascinating movie (Amazing Grace) about the life of William Wilberforce, a politician, philantrophist, and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade (in England in the late 1700s).  (And he also started the first society of the prevention of cruelty to animals so he’s a good egg in my book).  I had a few suggestions and a few ideas of my own and I choose this film for many reasons (not the least of which that it had a study guide to go with it and when I went to rent it from Blockbuster I was told “hey we have a copy for sale and you can buy it cheaper than you can rent it.” 

And Sunday I ran a rather successful class (we only got through 1/2 the discussion questions) I overheard someone talking about me “behind my back” (they didn’t know I was around) about how good the class was, and I got quite a few face to face positive comments. 

But I will say this — when you’re discussing a historical film and in the room you have folks with Ph.D., native Brits, and one of the best history teachers in the district – it can get a wee bit intimidating. 

And there was a point during the class that I got so carried away by the discussion that everyone else was having that I completely lost my place. 

There is one good planning technique with this crowd — I always plan classes that involve a lot of interactive discussion — because we have so many bright minds that all you need to do is find a discussion to lead, and  you get great ideas bounced about. 

And now — it’s over and I don’t need to watch the video anymore (for a while). 

But I’ll leave you with these two (rather unique) versions of the song, one written by Chris Tomlin in response to the film (very comtemporary) ….

And one written by the Blind Boys of Alabama (If you were listening to popular music in the 60s (or if you were listening to popular music from the 60s in the 70s or 80s or 90s …) you really need to check out this second version.  NOT kidding. 

There’s another version of the second with embedding disabled and you can find it here.


One response to “my mother was a tailor she sewed my new blue jeans

  1. Smart people realize that one of the easiest ways to fill in gaps in their own knowledge is to seek out others who are knowledgable in those areas. You have obviously proven to them that you are the “go to girl” for Sunday School. I guess you could say you are NOT one taco short of a combination plate!

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