Should I break anything

I’m peripherally involved with a community theater group.  I’ve never acted or directed – but I’ve done “backstage” stuff.  I’ve done lights, and this most recent show I was supposed to be stage managed (but decided against going through he11 week since the week before he11 week Spouse was in the hospital and he was still recovering during the week before the opening of the play).  So instead of stage managing I’m “House manager” for the second weekend (they had someone for the first weekend).  Not a bad deal, I get to see the show for free and I get to go to the cast party — and well what else is important???

So today I was driving Chip to (Jr. High) School.  I told him that if he sees Mr. H or Mr. K-C he should tell them to “break a leg” since they are both in the show.  It’s not likely that he’d actually see them, since he’s in 6th grade and they’re both 8th grade teachers — but it might make people wonder why a 6th grader is telling 8th grade teachers to break a leg.

But then I got to wondering if there is anything that *I* should break.

Oh well — the one DISadvantage to being House Manager (instead of Stage Manager or lights or sound) is that I’m not in costume AND in the public eye — so I have to go put on real clothes.  I best go do that as I have to be there in a little over an hour — and since I spent a good deal of time today in a middle school cafeteria – I oughta maybe take one of those shower things too.


One response to “Should I break anything

  1. The most recent show I performed in was beauty and the beast. At the opening show the whole cast received a lovely big printed letter with “Break a Leg” printed in giant font. And the lead man broke his leg in the first show … Well not so much broke, but really hurt his ankle very badly when jumping off the set and missing the ‘safety’ mat. Which was enormous… Best not to break anything I say!

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