What people do say about me

To follow up on yesterday (what I want people to say about me) today I’ll talk about what people actually do say about me.

Actually — what ONE person says about me (directly – to my face) and hopefully more people say about me behind my back.

First a bit of background.  When people ask me how I’m doing I don’t lie, and I don’t say “fine.”  I may or may not go into details but I won’t lie. 

Funny thing about that is — when I ask other people how they are doing, I don’t expect an honest response I do hope for and appreciate an honest response(note1)

Honestly, I don’t know how many people get this about me.  I know my bff Crem knows that I don’t like non-informative answers, and he sometimes enjoys giving me honest — but useless — answers to questions just because it drives me crazy.  (And I love you too sweetie)

But there’s one guy at my church Josh,  we don’t run in a lot of the same circles, we’re not in the same groups or classes — we’re really have more of a “see you at the donut table” kind of a relationship (though our sons bowled together and I have brought his family a casserole or two during his spouse’s illness).  But whenver I ask him how he’s doing — he either (a) TELLS me or (b) doesn’t because he knows that I WANT to know and if he doesn’t have time (like if we’re passing at the donut table) he’ll fill me in later.  But he has said to me (when asked how he was doing) …

Ramblingmom, when you ask how I’m doing, I know you WANT to know. 

So if you’re reading this and looking for a nablopomo post — tell me what people say about you.

(Note1 it drives me absolutely batty when people say they are fine or busy.  This gives NO information whatsoever.  Fine?  Compared to what?  How you felt last week?  Someone who just lost their house in a fire?  Fine is a definition for sandpaper — not people.  and BusyBusy doing what?  Or is busy a code word for “ramblingmom I don’t have time for the likes of you?” )


One response to “What people do say about me

  1. What do people say about me? That I’m a first class bitch with a wicked intellect and a good sense of humor. Oh, and I’m loyal, too.

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