What I want people to say about me

A long time ago (either just before Nablopomo started or when it started) I put out the idea of posting what you want people to say about you.  Maybe it was in a comment.  Anyway, I guess we’ve hit mid month and we’re done talking about politics so here it is from me.

I’m the type of a person that listens when people talk about other people.(see note1)  If you actually pay attention when people are talking about other people, you’ll learn a lot.  And while you might learn stuff about the people that are being talked about — you’ll actually learn a lot about the people that are doing the talking.  You’ll discover things about the person who never has a nice thing to say about anyone else, you’ll learn about the person who always has nice things to say about other people, and you’ll learn about the person who always say “but how about” “but maybe she” when people are talking about folks that are not there. 

Ears are very useful things. 

One time I was with a group of people (at church — which is significant in a moment) when someone mentioned someone that wasn’t there.  This was one of those people that often has nice things to say about other people, and she said the following:

What Katla says that she’s going to pray for you – you can be sure that she will. 

WOW — I thought — what a wonderful compliment.  And then I realized that comment is one of the things that I want people to say about me.  Not necessarily limited to prayer for others — but I’d like people to say “when Ramblingmom says she’s going to do something you can be sure of it.” 

So I’ve had two changes in my life from that — one thing is that I don’t SAY anything unless I’ll follow through.  (I don’t want people to say — “that Ramblingmom — she never carries through” — okay so I didn’t stage manage the latest community theater show — but that was because Spouse was in the hospital the week before he11 week and I figured that it would probably be a bad time to disappear for 7 days so someone else stage managed and I’m house manager for one weekend of the show). 

The other thing is that I do focus on following through — especially with prayers.see note2  I may not pray much for myself — and I have friends that I’ll never pray for (and they appreciate that) but if you’re son is having issues with school (and life) or if your daughter is on some island way south or if your soon to be ex-husband is the way he is — rest assured that you’re in my prayers, as long as you need.  And really — it’s because it’s the right thing to do and not just so people will say good things about me.

(Note1 — I’m actually fairly awkward when I’m in a group of more then 3-4 people and I have trouble figuring out how to work my comments/ideas/thoughts into a multi/multi way conversation — so sometimes I have no choice but to listen).

(Note2 — Now, while in my own life I don’t have much organized prayer (most of my prayers — for my own life — happen to be THANK YOU that I didn’t crash the car when I blew through that stop sign) but I do know that other people place a pretty high store in prayer)


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