I has a happy

Yesterday I went shopping at Trader Joe’s – I needed to pick up a few things.  While I was diligently shopping checking out the wine demo, I noticed my buddy – HippieT – stocking liquer filled chocolates.

I wandered around shopped more diligently and hit the demo stand a few times.  As I was checking out HippieT was at a register so I went to his line.  As I was about to get in line, I suddenly realized what it actually meant that he was stocking liquer filled chocolates.  OMG self —  IT’S HOLIDAY TIME which means that it’s the time of year that some of my favorite products show up in the story.  So I asked HippieT if something had appeared yet.  He said YEP and I left my cart with him (checking out my items) and ran back to grab a box of …

And, as I was leaving ripping open the box after I purchased it, I noticed HippieT looking at me.

It drives me batty when I see retail stores stocking up on holiday decorations in the middle of October.  I’ve seen neighbors with indoor AND outdoor decorations already.  I can’t stand this rushing of the season.  WELL I mostly can’t stand the rushing of the season.  But when it comes to holiday chocolates, it’s never too early (or too late).


2 responses to “I has a happy

  1. Sniff … there are no Trader Joe’s anywhere near The Zone. I’m jealous.

  2. Those look awesome! Why, oh why are there no Trader Joe’s in Kansas?

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