Well balanced

MLL did this same quiz and came up 60/40. Me, I’m either perfectly well balanced, or even less in touch with my feminine side than MLL.

If you take this quiz – respond in the comments and see if you can figure out which question I thought was TOTALLY unfair and the hardest question to answer.

Your Surfing Habits are 50% Male, 50% Female

There’s no way we can tell whether you’re a man or woman. 

Of all the internet users, you are the most broad based in your habits.

You use the internet for research and your career.

But you also use the internet to keep in close touch with your loved ones.



2 responses to “Well balanced

  1. I took this quiz and got the same result. I think the one about protecting your computer is bogus. But for many of the other questions I wanted to answer both. The Internet is my life.

  2. I’m a man at work and a woman at home!

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