Well behaved women

Well behaved women:

Do NOT run in my family.

There’s this website that I’ve been known to visit (lurk) called skepchick.org… from their website.

Skepchick is a group of women (and one deserving guy) who write about science, skepticism, and pseudoscience. With intelligence, curiosity, and occasional snark, the group tackles diverse topics from astronomy to astrology, psychics to psychology. Find out more by clicking below.

So today I was reading the website and ran across this information edited — but you can click on the link for more complete information.

By now, you all know that in the midst of a history-making election, Californians elected to pass the discriminatory legislation Proposition 8 … There’s a nationwide protestevery state. Several of our Skepchicks will be protesting in our local states – see details below the fold of where/who/when.

more details on some cities and then …

Chicago, Illinois: Elyse
Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: Federal Plaza, Dearborn and Adams, Chicago, IL

My niece (my married/heterosexual niece) running a bunch of people around protesting for martial rights for all.

How fricking cool is that!!!


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