Did I ever mention Pastor Keith???

Back a ways I was a member in a United Church of Christ. That church in itself could make a couple of interesting posts. Anyway — there was a married couple that were co pastors and I enjoyed quite a few chats and cups of tea at their kitchen table.

One thing that he said I could write on if I ever decide to answer Old Blue Socks question “what do you know for sure” and that is

I’m only closed-minded about closed-minded people.

It made sense at the time, and still makes sense.

Anyway — last week while the bigots folks in California were voting yes on Prop 8, the folks in pushed through a ban on unmarried couples serving as adoptive or foster families.

YEP — so if Grandma is living with someone (because they can’t afford the reduction in pension benefits) and her child dies she CAN NOT take in her grandchildren.

If a lesbian is living with a lifetime partner and her brother dies, she CAN NOT take in her niece and nephew. Sorry kiddos you’re now wards of the state.

Now, how bad could that be when Arkansas ALREADY has TOO FEW homes for the number of children already in the system.

Opponents of the measure argued it would make it harder for the state to find the foster parents it needs to take care of children. Gov. Mike Beebe, who had originally said he supported a foster-care restriction, changed his mind and said an open policy was needed because of a lack of foster homes.

“The biggest thing to take away tonight is that the children in the foster-care system were dealt a pretty serious blow tonight,” said Brett Kincaid, director of the campaign that opposed the measure.

The measure came after a 2006 Arkansas Supreme Court decision that struck down a state policy banning gay foster parents.

So you’ve got loving people that are willing to take in foster children (that have been in the system for who knows how long), and you’ve got children that desperately need someone to love them, and you’ve got a bunch of frickin bigots voters that decide that those folks don’t need to be together, and the kids can just continue to get bounced around.

SOOOOOOOOOOO — my question is this — if you live in Arkansas (or any other state where such a proposition has passed) AND if you voted against allowing certain types of people (unmarried, gay, single, whatever) of adopting children — my question for you is


Cause if you’re voting against this then you had better be willing to take up the slack!!!!!


2 responses to “Did I ever mention Pastor Keith???

  1. Sing it from the rooftops, sister!

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