Doctor’s??? orders – well orders anyway

I’ve had a bit of a hectic, overwhelming week. In this post I spelled out some of it, leading up to Spouse heading into the hospital. For the rest of the week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) I had this circle from home to hospital to work to hospital to home (I was really wondering about how intelligent it might be to run from a hospital to a middle school cafeteria to a home with a dog and two school age children that attend different schools). I’d been doing what was necessary and taking care of Spouse and taking care of kids and all.

So, Spouse was to be home and resting, not doing anyway. I’ve been taking care of Spouse and myself and the dog and both kids (though with the kids being 7 and 12 they don’t need that much care).

Sunday was church. I drove Spouse to Gmas (his mom) for the day — so that he could rest and she could take care of him (this is not a problem for him — I would probably drive me CRAZY to have her take care of me). Chip was at youth group, and Princess went off to spend the day with one of her favorite Aunties.

I found myself with 90 minutes with nobody to take care of. I could have come home to do dishes and laundry, I could have run over to the library to pick up a book on hold for Chip, I could have helped out the youth group with their service project (rake and run).

Now, I consider myself to have a slightly above average intelligence. But I do have friends that I consider to be much smarter than I. And in response to the post that I mentioned earlier, Alto2 had a suggestion (and her being a Jeopardy contestant – she’s real smart and all).

So, I called up my best buddy, and spend my 90 minutes doing something very important,

After all — it was Sunday which is a day of worship. And God gave me friends and God gave us beer so why should I not honour God by celebrating the things that make me happy?? After all, Alto2 said so and she’s a doctor’s wife so that’s almost like Doctor’s orders.  (Not to mention it helps stimulate the local economy)


One response to “Doctor’s??? orders – well orders anyway

  1. The lawyer in me wants reassurance that you did not drink and drive.

    Doctor’s orders indeed. Please, don’t take my advice. It usually backfires. See, my eldest son, for example.

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