Forget cheezburger

Forget cheezburger —- I can has nap???

The past few days

Spouse has not been feeling well — figuring it was a cold and he’d get past it with enough rest …

Friday night — Halloween party down the street

Saturday night — Halloween party with my Sunday School class

Sunday — church then annual guinea pig rescue open house/fundraiser (which is about 2.5 hours total driving time round trip – -then the time at the fundraiser).

Monday — work the “day” gig (which means getting up at 6 to leave the house by 7)

Monday night — work at the polls setting up

Tuesday morning — up at 5 to get to the polls by 5:15 so we could open by 6 (and thank goodness the polling place is 1/4 mile or so from here).

Tuesday — work at polls until 8 and come home and wonder why on earth Spouse hasn’t DONE anything for days (came home — found kids and dog unfed and dishes unwashed and such like that). Noticed that Spouse was still not feeling well.

Wednesday — 4:15 a.m. Wake up to hear Spouse (a/k/a skinflint) in the next room coughing and such and then ALL THE SUDDEN!!!!

put all the pieces of the puzzle together (tired, coughing, lethargic, chills) and

7:00 get kids off to school

8:00 *TELL* (don’t ask) Spouse we’re going to immediate care.

And now — he’s at the hospital — being treated for pneumonia — which I can’t even spell but hopefully the doctor’s will fix him up real good.

But until then

rest of the day —

take kids back to the hospital (last time a relative was in the hospital it was their grandpa and he never left :^( so they need to go and SEE that their dad is really OK — so I know that pneumonia isn’t “okay” but it’s also not fatal).

take care of kids and dog and dishes and pay bills and call boss to tell him I’ll be late the next couple of days (cause usually Spouse gets kids out of the house in the a.m.)

Addendum – point of information

Spouse was not running around doing all this stuff with me. He was home taking it easy trying to get better.  And he often did feel “better” in the morning — but then would feel worse later in the day. 

So I was doing really good and “leaving him alone” so he could get better.

I guess I was just doing better at the “leaving him alone” part and he wasn’t doing so good at the “get better” part. 

But I don’t think it started out as pneumonia — I think it developed gradually from a respiratory infection.

Forget cheezburger, I can has nap????  (nope — gots to get back to hospital — but at least Spouse will get better soon — and I have one less being in my house to take care of).


7 responses to “Forget cheezburger

  1. So sorry to hear the spouse is sick, especially with pneumonia. GTs going his way to get well and your way to keep sanity and get nap.

  2. Definite GTs to you and M for a quick and full recovery!

  3. Good health wishes to your husband. Take care of yourself too!

  4. I hope its a short stay and he gets well soon!!

  5. Prayers for Spouse and for you too!

  6. My goodness you’re having quite the week! I hope you all can take it easy this weekend and Spouse can be completely on the mend.

  7. Hope he’s feeling better. At least the election results made YOU feel better.

    Forget “nap”… how about “I can haz beer”.

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