5:15 is AWFUL early

I’m home for MINUTES on a break from my day.  Started at the polling place at 5:15 a.m. and plan to be there until after 8:00 p.m.  It was CRAZY BUSY this morning from 6 a.m. until about 7:30 and then it’s either been mildly busy to somewhat quiet.  There’s never been a time when there was NO one in the polling place, but there has never been a time when someone has had to wait more than a minute or two for a voting booth.

I’ve found my new best friend.  My county has an electronic polling place device called Ask Ed which is basically the judging manual in an electronic format.  It has everything from all the registered voters and their polling places (we’ve had a few people show up at the wrong place this year  — as often polling places change) to what to do with someone needing a provisional ballot.  Between me and a high school senior — we pretty much are in charge of Ed as we seem to be the most technically savvy.

Time to go back to Ed

Then at 8 or so — home to bed.


2 responses to “5:15 is AWFUL early

  1. Awesome! What an exhilarating day you’re having. Work hard, enjoy, then rest.

  2. I taking it you didn’t brave the crowd at Grant Park, then?

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