What are you doing tomorrow sister???

This goes out to the womenfolk in the U.S. of A. ALL the womenfolk — the red and the blue (and the purple), or at least all the womenfolk that (a) are registered to vote and (b) have not taken advantage of early voting.

Back a hundred years ago, it was thought that womenfolk should not vote.  I don’t know why — I wasn’t there, you know we were second class citizens and certainly didn’t have the brains to make decisions that menfolk should make.

Well — thanks to a few “uppity women” we now have that right — and we’ve had it long enough that we think we can sit back and not really care cause it was “a long time ago” and who really cares if you vote or not.  Your state may already be decided (there’s other races than president).

I was listening to someone this morning talking about the country he used to live in.  You were REQUIRED to vote – but it actually didn’t make a difference.  Here, you have a choice whether or not to vote, and it actually does matter.

So you go sister.

And remember my golden rule ……

if you don’t vote — you can’t complain.


3 responses to “What are you doing tomorrow sister???

  1. I will be voting, no question about that. But thanks for the important reminder that I as a woman have not had that right very long, in the great scheme of things. It really is an important right to exercise.

    Because the public schools in our town are closed tomorrow (since the schools are polling places, and the public is not allowed to mingle with the children), Krystal will be accompanying me when I vote this year.

  2. Votes for women, step in time!
    Votes for women, step in time!

  3. Ragtopday — we typically take the kids with us when we go vote (okay — usually we go at different times — we don’t all go as one unit – and sometimes one of us will take both kids and sometimes we’ll split the kids up). We want them to know that this is important and this is what we do

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