More on that action hero

Yesterday I did a meme in which we discovered that ramblingmom should be an action hero for Halloween.

That’s entertaining.  Tonight I’m going to a Halloween party (a social event for my Sunday School class) in which the theme is “Super Villians and Super Heroes”

So, I’m going as a bag lady.  Not a “bag lady” like you remember from back in the day, but a bag lady that is

SAVING THE PLANET – one plastic bag at a time.  (I even found a reusable shopping bag in Seattle with that printed on it).

So — I’ve got the shopping bag with that saying that I’m putting around my chest (with some help from elastic and such), and then I’ve got a “skirt” of reusable shopping bags, and it’s all covered up with my cloak.

I have mentioned before that I’m a friend of reusable bags and I’ve got quite a variety of them.  But the really cool thing about this costume — the cost is practically nill.  I got some elastic (reusable) and I also got a couple of special bags to add to the costume — but I”ll be reusing them anyway.

So yeah — I am crazy — it runs in my family.


5 responses to “More on that action hero

  1. You are not crazy at all. Those people over there? The ones who laugh at folks like us and think they are somehow ‘normal’ or ‘sane’? Nah, they are just boring!!

  2. You have got to post a photo! Have fun!

  3. I love those reusable grocery bags too. In fact, I was already going to blog about something that happened yesterday afternoon when I stopped at the store and took my reusable bags in with me. You’ll see it on my blog in a couple of days. I’m “stocking up” on posts.

  4. What a clever idea for a costume! Yes, you must post a photo!

    I have some of those reusable bags, but I am not yet in the habit of remembering to bring them with me into the store. I need to do better on that!

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