Write to Marry Day

When I first saw that I was wondering why people would be “writing” about “Mary” but then realized that the word was actually “Marry” and read on to discover that this was in support of voting *NO* on Prop 8 in California. If you want more information on Prop 8 you can read this wikipedia article, or you can search on google and find lots of information, from both sides.

Now, I don’t live in California, and I’m not GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans gendered). So why does it matter to me?

I’m going to go simply to the basics, and instead of addressing the issues surrounding Prop 8 and same sex marriage in California, I’m just going to state why I think that gays and lesbians should have the right to marry.

I’m not seeing how gays and lesbians having the right to marry takes away from marriage??? If you do allow gays and lesbians to have same sex marriages does this mean that all the gay men and lesbian women would then marry members of the opposite sex??? Would that really help marriage? Having people living in marriages where they were not attracted to their spouse and living a lie?? I’m really at a lose to figure out where the harm is in same sex marriages?

I’m married to my straight husband and we have two children. There is no question that the children are our children. Recently my husband lost his job. He now is working as a contractor (meaning he doesn’t have health care). I’ve recently taken a job where I get health benefits. There’s nobody looking over my shoulder questioning whether the children are “really” my children and whether they have a right to my benefits.

Spouse just got over a stomach virus, if he had had something worse, much worse, and was hospitalized and decisions needed to be made as to his care, as his legal spouse, I would have say in any care he received (or, didn’t receive, as goes with my and his wishes). No questions — no wondering if I have the right to speak on his behalf.

In closing, I’m going to answer some of the questions I found on the Protect Marriage website (the website for the people in FAVOR of voting YES for Proposition 8)

Do you believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman?

Why the heck should it matter to me?

Do you believe that traditional marriage is the foundation of society?

What do you mean by traditional marriage? Who married Adam and Eve? What about all those Old Testament guys that had more than one spouse? I’d LOVE my husband to be married to another woman if she would do all the cleaning and organizing the lives of everyone around here. Especially if I could be married to another guy that could do all the fixing up.

OH — perhaps I should also ask what you mean by society?

Do you believe that children are entitled to a mother AND a father?

I believe that every child on this planet is entitled to as many people around that love them as possible. And I SURE as HELL believe that EVERY child should be in a home where they are loved and protected and appreciated and given every opportunity for the best possible life they can possibly have …

and sometimes that’s with a married, opposite sex couple, and sometimes that’s with a same sex couple, and sometimes that’s with a SINGLE parent of EITHER sex. But you just TRY and tell me that it’s FRICKING BETTER for children to be brought up in INSTITUTIONS than to be with a SINGLE PARENT and you are fixing for a fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’ll discover that even though over many years I might have lost the “carrot top” red of my hair, my temper can flare up.

GO FAMILIES!!!! However they look!

(I know this has nothing to with the right to marry — but do these people think that children are better off in a two parent family if you’ve got one spouse that’s an abusive drunk than they’d be living alone with mom??? )


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