We know that I’m an avid animal lover and a fan of animal rescue.

Today I was driving along behind a car with a Georgia license plate that looked something like this …

Now, I as a bit behind the car and couldn’t really tall what it said — just that there was a cute dog on the place.

So I decided to come home and do a web search to see why Georgia had a picture of a dog as an option for a license plate.  As I can now see (from that picture above) there’s a caption under the picture that says “spay and neuter” and, on the GA DOR (Georgia Department of Revenue) it states, under the plate …

Proceeds from the sale of these tags will help support the statewide sterilization procedures & assist in educating GA citizens on the benefits of spaying & neutering. For more information contact the Dept. of Agriculture, Dog & Cat Sterilization Fund at: 1-800-282-5852 or visit their web site at: http://www.agr.state.ga.us

There are a ton of other options available for plates, but I never would have expected one for spaying and neutering (but such a cute picture)


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