Seattle summary

Friday Morning Oct 10th I left the house at 6:40 for a 9:45 flight. THEN I left the house again at 6:50. (After I had gotten about 1/4 mile away I realized I didn’t- have my cell phone. THIS is why I like to allow extra time when I go to the airport. I need to double back sometimes.)

I made my way to the airport — got through security without the TSA confiscating my knitting needles, and got on the plane. I actually enjoyed the movie Get Smart and finally landed.

At the Seattle airport, while I was waiting for my luggage, I called an old pal to wish her a happy birthday (well, I guess I can’t call her an “old” pal because she’s a year younger than me, and I’m not old yet.) While I was doing this one of the august moms found me.

Soon, the plans of LSM (one of my roommates from San Antonia) and Doc Thelma (my roommate for Seattle) arrived, and the four of us hopped in a cab to the hotel. I sent a text message to tpgoddess and told her we were on our way, and the rest of the gang waited for us at the hotel. After we arrived and tossed our suitcases in our rooms, we all headed off to the Space Needle.

Most of us hopped into the elevator and made our way up to the top of the tower to see Seattle and surroundings from the air. It was a beautiful day (and was Saturday and Sunday) so we were wondering if, perhaps, all that talk about Seattle being constantly gray and gloomy was just a ruse to keep away the tourists. But when you look around and see how much GREEN there is — you know it’s got to get that way somehow.

After we descended, we hit the souvenir shop (I didn’t get anything) and myself, Doc Thelma, and Knittingmom went to the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum. (Gort, Klaatu, barada nikto) which is quite the entertaining museum, and I’d suggest it for any Science Fiction fans or music (especially Hendrix) fans. I did have to wonder about why, whether in the future of earth or in distant galaxy, guys are wearing high tech space suits and gals are wearing as little as possible??? It is pretty consistent.

After we left the museum, we wandered back to the hotel, found the rest of the group, and got together for dinner (the only time all weekend that we had all of us together, one of the Seattle moms could only join us on Friday night). We went to this fabulous restaurant called The Icon Grill, and had one of the best waitress’ in the world, a gal named April (coincidentally a woman named after another “A” month). She managed a group of 13 people without a hitch, and all our food arrived at the same time and warm. As always, we had Alto2 order the wine, and she did a GREAT job. I guess living with Wine Guy some talent rubs off.

We wandered back to the hotel and shared photos, news of friends that didn’t make the trip, and chats and hugs. I collapsed into bed and woke the next morning.

Our room had a great view of the Space Needle. When I woke up Saturday morning I thought it might have disappeared — there was a fair bit of fog. I turned around for 10 or so minutes to put on my face and such and like magic the Space Needle had magically reappeared. (Maybe that’s how Copperfield does it — it might not be smoke and mirrors, it might be fog). We went down to breakfast and then a group of us went off for Dim Sum (Doc Thelma went to visit Lucy, and a couple of others chose not to have Dim Sum). YES you read that right, breakfast then Dim Sum. What that doesn’t make sense to you? It was like a perfect Hobbit weekend. First breakfast and second breakfast. We went to a place called Jade Garden. No they don’t have a website. A rather smallish place in the International District. But the food came fast and furious and we left well stuffed. Organizingmamma (one of the Seattle moms) had driven us to the International District (and had done a awesome job of parking let me say) and on the way back to the hotel she dropped a few of the more serious shoppers off at Macy’s. I hopped out of the car and made my way by myself down to the Seattle Public Market.

I enjoyed making my way around and bought myself, Princess, and Chip tshirts.

Afterwards, all the moms made their way onto a ferry to Bainbridge Island for part of the afternoon, where I completely enjoyed following Knittingmom around to a charming local yarn shop, and got myself a good cup of coffee before catching the ferry back to Seattle.

After getting off the ferry some of us walked and some of us caught taxis back to the hotel. We cleaned up and gathered for the “long” walk to the dinner restaurant, the Dahlia Lounge. It was a rough walk, being slightly under 1/10 of a mile.

We had another grand meal, and walked back across the street to the hotel, where we wandered up to one of the rooms, watched the Rays/Red Sox game, shared photos and stories and had our “pajama party.”

The next morning found us again in the hotel having breakfast. Alto2, Tpgoddess, and Squib wandered off to enjoy the Seattle Art Museum, and most of the rest of us went to the Seattle Underground Tour. I really wished my friends TallMan and his wife and Crem were there, because I think that, as civil engineers, they would have been totally amused at how cities were “built” at the turn of the century. Our tour guide was a “stand up comic” wanna be, and did have a bit of a feminist side to her. I won’t say the trip was rollicking, but it was generally somewhat amusing.

After the tour, we split up — and some of us were heading to get some lunch when we came across Fado Irish Pub, where CTMom had had lunch earlier in the week. She gave it a good review so we stopped for lunch. This may come as a complete and total shock to some of my readers (people who may never have read my blog before) but ramblingmom did avail herself of the Guinness. (The weather was fabulous, and it being a day that ended it “y” made it a lovely day for a Guinness). We splintered off some more, and Doc Thelma and I wandered to Seattle Market (where we ran into Squib and Alto2), I bought a little jade necklace for the Princess (don’t tell her — it’s a stocking stuffer). We grabbed some coffee and back to the hotel to gather en masse for our final big group meal at Black Bottle Seattle. This was REALLY REALLY good food, and I’d vote it the best meal we had (and we did have some good meals). The servings were sort of “tapas” sized but not what one thinks of as tapas style. I’d have to say if you’re ever in Seattle you should try this (and if I’m ever there again I will head there).

Once again we wandered back to the hotel, some more farewells and the (I think 6) of us that were left that did not have early flights had a bit more PJ/chat time and off to bed.

The next morning, we had our final breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and said our final goodbyes. Doc Thelma and I wandered off to do some last minute shopping. Ramblingmom didn’t find any clothes, and didn’t buy any chocolates, but did get herself a pound of coffee and headed back to the hotel for a checkout and to grab the shuttle to the airport.

I sent a text message to the 3 moms that had not grabbed flights yet to let them know that after arriving at the airport it took me 15 minutes to check baggage, get through security, and take the tram to my gate. As for my flight home, I watched Kit, An American Girl, and my flight did was it was supposed to do and landed (there was a bit of turbulence, I even used some of my childbirth breathing). I eventually made it to my van and home and made myself two mental notes

  1. Schedule, health, and finances permitting, go to reunion again next year
  2. If I have a flight that gets me home after 9:00 — take the next day off work because a 6:00 a.m. wake up time is too dang early.

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