Who to believe, who to believe

This was found on the Chicago Tribune website, put out by Karl Rove & Co.

I can’t embed the map found on 7-election.com, that shows some different results.  (The 7-election map shows a lot of blue — and a few toss ups (which are black on that) and lots of gray (where there are no 7-11 stores.

Personally the most complete place to view a large cross sections of polls is at FiveThirtyEight – which is fascinating if you’re a numbers person or a detail person.

Me, I might (just might) take Chip off to 7-11 to get some coffee (him some hot chocolate so he can choose his own cup) but I’ll wait until Nov. 4 and watch the results instead of the polls.  Sometimes the election results can be pretty accurate.

3 responses to “Who to believe, who to believe

  1. Yes, the only “poll” that really matters is the one held nationwide on November 4.

  2. “Sometimes the election results can be pretty accurate.”

    Well, if you don’t count the last 2 elections anyway.

  3. Ragtopday: You made me giggle.

    Certainly the Nov 4 “poll” should not vary terribly from the previews. If it does, THEN you know our system has been stolen. The other two really were quite tight even in the pre-polling.

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