Standing on principal — or a cop out???

The other day Chip (age 12) asked me who I was voting for.  I responded something like “I’m voting and the important thing is that you vote and you do the research and you decide who you think is best”

So — I’ll use Poll Daddy to ask what you think — am I standing on my principals and trying to teach my children to think for themselves — or am I copping out??


2 responses to “Standing on principal — or a cop out???

  1. I agree with you. Our kids don’t necessarily need to know who we vote for, but it is important to share the decision-making process with them. It’s sort of like when a kid asks you what a word is – you could give it to them, or you could help them use the tools they already have to figure it out on their own. In the case of an election where your personal principals may come into play, you need to share the thought process you use in making a decision on who to vote for, remind them what is important to you, and encourage them to think about what issues they might feel strongly about.

    One of the most important gifts we give our children is the ability to think for themselves.

  2. Depends! Personally I couldn’t hide it since I have a particular sticker on my car and sign in my window! But, I have been open with my son because I know his opinion is balanced out by his dad and my parents. I’m actually out numbered! However, I have always been very fair in how things are presented and when an issue comes up, I tell him both sides to the best of my ability and then ask him what he thinks before I give a hint as to my position in it. And I emphasize to him to always be respectful and open minded.

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