That was entertaining

So we went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Quintessential cute Disney animal movie. I”ve seen quite a few negative reviews — but I think if you go in planning to see a quintessential cute Disney animal movie you’ll get what you expect.

There were quite a few good laughs in there.

Disney got two points from me. At the end of the movie (but before they ran the credits — cause you know that most people leave once the credits start rolling) they ran the following across the screen.

Owning a pet is a major responsibility. Dogs require daily care and constant attention. Before bringing a dog into your family, research the specific breed to make sure it is suitable for your particular situation. Learn about and be willing to undertake the serious responsibilities of dog care. Always consider adoption from a reputable shelter or rescue program.

Not that I expect everyone will take that to heart — but if it makes a few people parents think twice before making a lifetime commitment so much the better. There were also a few “rescue dog” mini story lines in there — where a few stray mutts managed to find permanent homes. The dog that played Papi was a rescue dog. And I think I have a doggie crush on the German Shepherd.

I did think that I’d have a problem with George Lopez (voice of Papi) and Drew Barrymore (voice of Chloe) being romantically linked but that didn’t actually phase me (in the movie — I think it would have been a different story if I had to “see” them instead of just “hearing” them).

Too bad they don’t sell the soundtrack.


2 responses to “That was entertaining

  1. We have not seen the Chi-wa-wa (really, what is up with the spelling) movie yet, but of course cannot wait to, and were very happy to read about the responsible pet owner message, so thank you for sharing this!

  2. Ah, but is there a scene where the animals run through a grocery store and knock over a lot of ketchup bottles? ‘Cause every cute Disney animal movie I know has a scene where the animals run through a grocery store and knock over a lot of ketchup bottles. Then the humans chasing them fall down in the ketchup.

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