And this matters because??

If you haven’t spent the day in church, under a rock, or on the soccer field, by now you’ve probably heard that Colin Powell has come out and endorsed Obama for president.

I have always liked Colin Powell. I’ve always considered him an intelligent, thoughtful, moderate politician. I think he has earned respect from people on both sides of the aisle.  I was even pulling for him to decide to run against Clinton in 1996.

So, I was reading one of the news reports on his endorsement and came upon the following paragraph …

“I think he would be a transformational president. For that reason I will be voting for Senator Barack Obama,” said Powell, who was the first African-American to serve as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

(emphasis mine)

Like I said, I have always thought of Colin Powell as intelligent and thoughtful — I think he’s also shown himself as a person that has a true patriotism.

Note: nowhere in any of my thoughts or ramblings have I said a thing about his race. I mean REALLY???? Does it MATTER???

So I figured this would give me an excuse to try out the poll daddy button on the wordpress toolbar.


2 responses to “And this matters because??

  1. It’s notable for the same reason that Sarah Palin will always be known and respected as the first woman on a GOP presidential ticket. The same reason that George W. Bush will be remembered and respected for his color-blindness in appointing his cabinet members. It’s the same reason that Geraldine Ferraro has received as much attention as she has this year.

    Americans are sensitive about our unfortunate civil rights history and we are rightfully proud when we achieve milestone moments in which glass celiings are broken. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. I can’t speak for Collin Powell’s motivation in endorsing Obama, but I must be extremely naive since it never once occurred to me that he might base his endorsement on race. Apparently, based on the quote in the article, I am probably in the minority there.

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